About NSAA


Since 2006, North Shore Arts Alliance has been celebrating the local art of Chautauqua County. As a non-for-profit marketing and promotional organization, NSAA seeks to foster an environment where art strengthens the county’s image, economic vitality and quality of life. Located in Western New York along Lake Erie, this beautiful area has been the setting and inspiration for artists work in various mediums (from painting to photography, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, textiles and more!)

The organization’s signature event, “The Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail,” is an invitation for the public to visit the county’s artists in their personal work environments. For two weekends during the summer, North Shore members invite the public to tour their homes and studios, as a way to connect with the art and the artists themselves.This event not only showcases the best artists in the county, but also the best of Chautauqua County. NSAA works closely with many local business sponsors to provide visitors with the overall best experience possible.

Along with the summer Art Trail, NSAA puts on and promotes gallery shows, which run for 1-3 months each, all year round. Local galleries, like Surroundings and Sensory Wine and Art Gallery, are also welcomed members of NSAA and work to bring the membership full circle. Currently, the Annual Members Show is being hosted at the Sensory Wine and Art Gallery in Ripley, NY. Nearly at the border, this gallery also attracts a North Eastern Pennsylvania audience, as NSAA also has members hailing from PA.

NSAA also works closely with the Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau. Together, NSAA and CCVB reach a wide audience and encourage artistic explorations, especially to visitors unfamiliar with the area. CCVB’s event, Chautauqua in June, is a two-week celebration of the culture of the county. During this event, NSAA hosts educational workshops to further inspire artistic creativity in Chautauqua. This is yet another great example of the mutually beneficial relationships NSAA has garnered with community business and organizations.

North Shore Arts Alliance started as a simple board of Chautauqua County artists looking to expose their artwork. Now, only a few years later, it has grown to over 40 members of artists and art lovers alike.Their goals for the coming years are to continue to grow and promote the art of the area. With art as beautiful as they produce, NSAA should only expect to keep expanding their influence.