Member’s Show Review


Throughout the year, NSAA’s art can be viewed at many galleries in the area. Currently, the Annual Members Show is being showcased at the Sensory Winery and Art Gallery. It features 19 artists, with many diverse works of art and art mediums . Even with this range of artists and mediums, the beauty of Chautauqua County can be felt in each piece. The landscapes, mood and colors of the area have influenced each of the artists, and combined with their individual skills, this makes for a room filled with inspiring artwork. The host of the evening, Sensory Gallery, is a wine-bar and art gallery with a very nice, intimate feel. Like NSAA, Sensory also appreciates the relationship between fine wine and fine art and offers samples, as well as wine for sale by the glass or bottle. Sensory is one of the many local galleries that are members of NSAA, and with cross-branding as good as art and wine, it is easy to see the benefits of their relationship.

The Annual NSAA Member’s Show is running now through January 25, 2014.

Sensory Winery and Art Gallery

Sensory Winery and Art Gallery

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